Dossier «The Future of Finance: Ethics, Technology and Globalisation» coordinated by Joan LlobetISSUE 10 (NOV 2018)
ANALYSIS Banking ethics and ethical banking. Two different and possible realities

The financial sector, and banking in particular, is especially sensitive to the application of business ethics. On the one hand, because its role as a strategic sector of the economy is a key and determining factor and, on the other, because during recent years, and especially since the financial crisis of 2008, it has been the protagonist of numerous scandals and bad practices. The adoption of ethical behavior is fundamental in the operation of banks, since these organizations manage a very sensitive asset that is owned by their customers — money. Sota much sota, that not only speaks of banking ethics, but even the existence of ethical banks; two aspects that are different. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the characteristics that define ethical banking and what aspects differentiate it from banking ethics.

banking ethics;  ethical banking;  sustainable banking;  corporate social responsibility;  banks; 
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