Dossier: «Prevention of occupational risks: trends in times of crisis»ISSUE 4 (NOV 2015)

The impact of managers on employee stress


The psychological wellbeing of workers derives from a proper balance between, on the one hand, motivating challenges and obstacles faced and, on the other hand, job and personal resources to overcome them. Managers or supervisors are in a privileged position to make this balance possible, through their daily behavior shown in their leadership style. Leadership styles can be ordered according to their impact on job stress, from the most negative to the most positive style: abusive, passive, transactional and transformational. The article explains the ways in which managers can affect employees' psychosocial wellbeing and the specific role of each leadership style. Finally, it concludes by giving responsibility to develop more positive leadership styles not only to individual managers, but also to companies and institutions, as well as educational institutions.

leadership;  psychological wellbeing;  management;  stress;  occupational health;  transformational leadership;  good health and well-being; 



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