Dossier on collaborative economy (I): Platform economies and collaborative business, coordinated by Joan Torrent-SellensISSUE 14 (NOVEMBER 2020)

Collaborative business models in the collaborative economy


This article discusses the analysis of the concept of collaborative economics, taking the various streams of knowledge into consideration. It also provides an overview of the different collaborative business models that have existed so far and how their evolution over time has been due to different factors, including information and communication technologies (ICTs). While it is true that these business models are still in the midst of consolidation, they represent a great opportunity both for users who want to see their consumption needs met, as well as for companies that are not only looking for new sources of revenue, but also innovation when approaching their customers. Finally, the sharing economy represents a very recent field of research that is full of opportunities for contributing to science and the development of new business models.

collaborative economy;  ICT;  digital economy;  innovation; 
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