Final ProjectsISSUE 5 (MAY 2016)

Satisfaction and positioning study for Triathlon Vitoria-Gasteiz


How many companies strategically plan their future based on mere perceptions about their customers? How many think they know their customers’ values but do not know to what extent? We may know our customer satisfaction, but do we know what factors contribute most to that satisfaction?

To establish action plans based on reliable data (rather than mere perceptions) in a global strategic approach for the sporting event Triathlon Vitoria-Gasteiz, its promoter – Asociación Maratlón – needed indicators and objective results about participant satisfaction, as well as knowledge about its brand positioning.

To this end, a study was carried out on the satisfaction and positioning of Triathlon Vitoria-Gasteiz, and was presented as the final project for a Marketing and Market Research Degree1. Its synthesis was set out in the following three phases: a desk study to determine the primary and secondary information sources, a second exploratory phase based on a qualitative analysis to identify the key variables, which provided the subsequent design for the third phase, a purpose-built online survey sent to the participating triathletes.

This final qualitative phase, in which the results were obtained via bivariable and multivariable analyses, made up the concluding stage of the study. The statistical interpretation of these results provides objective data both to establish strategic lines of action for brands and to improve the satisfaction of all interested groups, sponsors, triathletes and their escorts, and citizens.


satisfaction study;  positioning;  triathlon;  market research; 


  1. Saved in the UOC’s institutional repository (O2) <>, a portal that collects, preserves and makes available in open access digital publications by members of the UOC, produced in the course of their research, teaching and management activities.
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