Dossier: «Social and Solidarity Economy: Experiences and Challenges»ISSUE 6 (NOV 2016)

The economy of the future must be social and solidary


Since the 1980s, worldwide there have been numerous socioeconomic initiatives driven by ideas that differ from capitalist concepts such as accumulation of wealth, maximizing of profits and consumerism. These new initiatives appear all around the economic cycle: resources management, production, marketing, consumption, the financial system, the distribution of surplus and the circulation of currencies. One of the names most commonly associated with such initiatives is social and solidarity economy. In the future these initiatives may provide an alternative to the current dominant system.

social and solidarity economy;  cooperativism;  shared;  cooperative work;  fair trade;  responsible consumption;  ethical finance;  community currencies;  solidary distribution of surplus;  needs;  democracy;  social market; 
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