Dossier «Digital marketing: revolutionising consumption and society» coordinated by Irene EstebanISSUE 11 (MAY 2019)

Mobility transforms everything


Mobile marketing is a field of digital marketing constantly being reinterpreted due to the unstoppable progress of smart devices, founded little more than ten years ago, which have little to do with the conventional mobile phones that appeared in the nineteen nineties. In the same manner that interconnected mobility is changing human habits, the rest of the areas in digital marketing knowledge are adapting to a new reality which does not yet have known behavioural patterns. Mobility has an immense impact on digital marketing spheres, such as advertising, search engines, social networks, email marketing and promotional marketing. All these have been transforming, to the detriment of traditional browsing and functionalities linked to desktop computers. We are therefore reaching that moment in which digital mobility itself forms an implicit part of the definition of marketing. We could say that the concept independent of mobile marketing has its days numbered.

mobility;  app;  portability;  geolocation;  personalisation;  privacy;  instantaneousness;  automation;  artificial intelligence (AI);  augmented reality;  m-commerce;  behavioural patterns; 
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FOLGUERA OBIOL, Xavier. Mobility, what transforms everything. Oikonomics [online]. May 2019, no. 11. ISSN: 2339-9546. DOI:

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