Dossier: «Gender and business: towards real equality» coordinated by Laura Lamolla KristiansenISSUE 13 (MAY 2020)

Gender (in)equality in organisations: Progress and stagnation in Spain


This work analyses the advances in regard to gender equality which have contributed to the fact that Spain ranks among the 10 leading countries in the latest edition of the Gender Gap Report by the World Economic Forum. This progress is mostly due to the improvement in the political representation of women in ministerial positions and in parliament. However, the economic participation of women in Spain evidences extensive room for improvement, especially in relation to the representation in corporate leadership positions and to a worrying underrepresentation in the emerging professions resulting from the digital transformation. To conclude, the work offers a series of recommendations for improving the economic empowerment of women when it comes to reaching positions of high corporate responsibility. It also recommends to prevent and improve the future economic gap in respect to women’s underrepresentation in science, research and technology professions.

gender equality;  quotas;  boards of director;  STEM;  digital transformation; 
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