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Collaborative economy: myths and realities of a transformative concept
Joan Torrent-Sellens, Lluís Alfons Garay Tamajón, María Jesús Martínez Argüelles

Oikonomics, the UOC journal on economics, business and society, has published two special issues, 14th and 15th, dedicated to the collaborative economy. The two issues analyze from different points of view the analysis of a concept that is receiving increasing attention as a new economic agent that, through digital platforms, has shown its capacity for transformation. In the two issues of Oikonomics, this phenomenon is analyzed from a theoretical perspective, but also a practical one based on the empirical analysis of the trends that are taking place in this field. In this webinar video, the two coordinators of these two issues, the lecturers of the Economics and Business Studies Department, Joan Torrent and Lluís Garay, talk about the evolution of the collaborative economy concept and the different visions and realities related around it, as well as its capacity to transform society. The moderator of the webinar is the Dean of the Economics and Business Department of the UOC, M.ª Jesús Martínez.

New strategies and alternative aspects of the platform economy. PE transition proposals towards sustainability
Lluís Alfons Garay Tamajón
An approach to researching corporate social responsibility in the tourism sector
Lluís Alfons Garay Tamajón

Publications on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the tourism sector stem from the paradigm of sustainable tourism, in which there has been growing interest in relation to balancing the impacts of the tourism industry in terms of the key environmental, social and corporate issues. The two themes that have generated most references are, firstly, the business case or the possible relationship between its introduction and corporate financial performance, and secondly, commitments to stakeholders. Apart from these themes related to the drivers, publications have also focused on topics such as the types of practices implemented and other types of results achieved by them. In all these fields there is still great potential for development, while new themes are also emerging.

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