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Skills-based factors for creating a company and making it grow: a perspective from the angle of women¿s empowerment
Marta Zaragoza

The objective of this article is to offer some strategies which women can use in order to develop their professional plan in the sphere of creating and managing companies, whether they are self-employed or working for someone else. Furthermore, it will allow them to overcome the difficulties that they may encounter due to gender when they set or achieve their objectives.


In order to be able to understand the foundations of the proposed strategies and measures, in the introduction section there is an identification of the principal environmental or external factors which explain the situation that women around the world have lived through and continue to live through. This situation is mostly characterised by the lack of equal opportunities.


The section on the strategies starts with that which is based on the entrepreneurship model in skills and which has its origins in the employability model referenced in the text. This model attempts to respond to four fundamental questions which allow for a definition and execution of the life project itself (professional, business and personal) with the greatest guarantee of success. As regards the other strategies, these are based on the empowerment of women, as well as on the support and personal and professional guidance from all those people with whom a relationship of mutual understanding and confidence can be established.


Finally, there is a proposal for a staff management model which places the focus of attention on the management of professional skills around the entire organization, as well as equal opportunities, independent of the personal factors involved, which allows for the building of a team with the male and female professionals who share the mission, vision and values of the project.

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