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The importance of the flow in online supermarkets
Doris Morales Solana, Irene Esteban Millat, Alejandro Alegret Cotes

E-commerce is generating important changes in our way of life and consumption habits. More and more people are buying all types of products online at any time using different devices. Shopping for food stands out in this context, as it is gaining more market share and increasing in popularity. Digital commerce faces more barriers to entry than others in the mass consumption sector and supermarkets must be able to create a positive browsing and shopping experiences for the consumers who visit their online sites. Understanding digital consumers’ purchasing behaviour and the factors that have an influence on the optimal browsing and consumption experience is of vital importance for every company in the sector. In this sense, flow is an important determinant of digital consumer behaviour that influences important aspects such as their intention to shop online and their e-loyalty.

Influencers and digital marketing, a necessary coexistence
Josep M. Català

Most people claim that they would definitely prefer to lose their wallet before losing their phone. Although the phrase may seem a bit of an exaggeration, it encompasses part of the reality that we often do not see, or that we do not want to see, specifically the amount of information which we have on our smartphone and the capacity that we have to obtain information immediately. Online communication has led to instantaneous information searches, both personal as well as professional. This new digital channel has given rise to an exponential growth of the data stored on the network so that end users can get to know what is happening in any part of the world at any time. Connected to this increased amount of information available, so-called influencers have appeared, who use this new on-line channel and do image-based digital marketing linked to a company, brand or product. Their followers (previously known as fans...) are potential product purchasers. As such, managing this digital asset is very important for companies and their marketing departments. Properly utilising and following up on influencers can greatly help to generate higher sales through a digital marketing channel that still has a long road ahead of it.

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