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From me to us: new ways to lead
Francisco Fermín Mallén Broch, Emilio Domínguez Escrig

In recent years, we have witnessed a paradigm shift in social sciences and the motivations that steer the relationships between people, moving from what has been described as an ‘ego-system’, in which priority is given to one’s own wellbeing, to what could be referred to as an ‘ecosystem’, in which the wellbeing of the community is prioritized. Focusing on the organizational sphere, the conditions of the environment in which companies operate, as well as recent events related to the unethical and selfish conduct of their leaders, are paving the way for a new set of contemporary or emerging leadership styles in which human values are attributed particular significance. A number of studies analyse the consequences of this new trend of leadership styles for individuals, groups and organizations, but other studies recommend an analysis of the consequences of the specific behaviours or conducts of the leaders: altruism, humility, empowerment, capacity for forgiveness and focus on sustainability, to give just a few examples. Some conclusions are presented, as well as the challenges posed in this new line of work.

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