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Google penalties: how to destroy our search engine positioning
Mariché Navío Navarro

Within the set of digital marketing strategies, organic positioning in search engines has the main objective of achieving visibility on platforms such as Google, which then translate into a growth in traffic to our websites. In this sense, the discipline of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is in charge of implementing a series of on-page and off-page tactics in order to promote search engine algorithms to index our sites among the first results, since these results are the ones that concentrate a higher click through rate (CTR). In this attempt to adapt the websites to the requirements rewarded by the algorithms, ignorance or trickery may cause sites to be over-optimised, which is interpreted by search engines as attempts to manipulate or cheat the algorithm. If detected, websites that have carried out these actions, whether consciously or unconsciously, are penalised by platforms such as Google. These penalties cause large drops in positions on the results page or, in the worst-case scenarios, a complete delisting of the website, which disappears from search engines, causing the site to lose visibility and the long-term work involved in SEO to be destroyed. In this article, we will recognize the types of penalties and the reasons why Google and other search engines punish websites, as well as a series of techniques to correct these punishments.

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