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Reorientation of business strategy: a case study
Mario Eduardo Firmenich

The article proposes the reorientation of business strategy. This theoretical perspective is applied in a case study that considers the adventure sports tourism sector in the Pallars Sobirà region. The theoretical business strategy references used are the concepts of competitive advantage and generic strategies of Porter (1991). The generic strategy followed by this sector in Pallars Sobirà is analyzed using the available data on sales of adventure sports activities; it is concluded that the design of said strategy does not take advantage of the opportunities to build a competitive, local, sustainable advantage. The possibility of a strategic reorientation of the sector that pursues a competitive advantage in terms of product differentiation, regional sectorial strategy, the prioritization of water sports, the expansion of the market to Spain and the rest of the world, customer loyalty and the diversification of tourist products for the whole year is suggested. However, the decision to maximize profits by reorienting the strategy depends on value judgments that involve the entire region.

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