Dossier: "Vectors of sustainability: visions from the economy" coordinated by Albert Puig GómezISSUE 16 (NOVEMBER 2021)

Multidimensional poverties


In the last twenty years, a methodology that allows us to measure, with a high degree of international consensus, multidimensional poverty has been consolidated. The definition of the measurement methodology has facilitated to specify and put into operation the concept. In parallel, “sectoral” poverty proposals have been used and finally consolidated, with their own conceptual importance and usefulness. The link between the dimensions of multidimensional poverty and sectoral poverties is diverse. This paper briefly presents and discusses different approaches (labour, energy, water, sanitation, and period poverties). It is argued that reducing sectoral poverties to the dimensions of multidimensional poverty limits their usefulness and impact. The methodological work done previously in terms of measurement of multidimensional poverty, in the singular, helps also to advance in the multidimensional characterization of said sectoral poverties.

índice de pobreza multidimensional;  asequibilidad;  pobreza energética;  pobreza hídrica;  escalera de nivel de servicio;  derechos humanos; 
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