Dossier: «Redefining infrastructures for sustainable mobility» coordinated by Pere Suau-Sanchez and Eduard J. Alvarez PalauISSUE 18 (MAY 2022)

The challenge of accessing Barcelona


Despite the high number of passengers using metropolitan public transport systems, the limited growth rates of travel demand have not been enough to reduce the use of private vehicles in the main points of access to the city, which continue to show unsustainable patterns with an excessive presence of private vehicles.

With economic activity halfway through, months of the pandemic caused us to forget day-to-day congestion. But with the gradual recovery of metropolitan activity and mobility and the impact of lifting highway tolls and mobility policies that reduced road capacity within the city, road congestion is back, with the consequent aggravation of air pollution levels.

congestion;  mobility;  city access;  metropolitan public transport;  road network; 
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