Dossier: «People and organizations facing the "new?" ways of working» coordinated by Eva Rimbau GilabertISSUE 19 (NOVEMBER 2022)

What do I need to know to facilitate smart working in my organization?


After the increase in teleworking due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations have seen the potential of this way of working and wish to initiate or advance its implementation in a planned way. To this end, it may be useful to develop the capacity of their managers or professionals to be smart working agents, in order to promote the implementation of a form of flexible teleworking that makes good use of technological tools and that favours the best working conditions. After defining smart working, this article presents a competency framework for the role of a smart working agent focused on three key competencies: understanding the context, facilitating implementation, and leading in a digital environment.

telework;  smart working;  organizational change;  implementación;  competences; 
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