MiscellanyISSUE 4 (NOV 2015)

Augmented Reality and Tourism. Potential and limits for the improvement of competitiveness in tourism destinations


This paper intends to be an approach to the potential of augmented reality in the tourism sector, one of the economic sectors in which expectations are higher but where it has been scarcely applied. Augmented reality is a disruptive technology that, if properly managed, can be an important tool for tourist destinations in terms of competitiveness. In particular, the combination of augmented reality with mobile devices generates high expectations in relation to the attraction of technological tourists, best known as millennials. Augmented reality enhances the tourist experience of the visitors and enables the creation of new tourism products and low cost creative ways to promote destinations. However, before carrying out strategic actions, the tourist managers should be conscious of the limits of augmented reality in terms of technological usability, preferences lack of demand and lack of evaluation of results and economic performance obtained.

augmented reality;  mobile devices;  tourism;  new technologies;  competitiveness;  millenials;  good health and well-being;  remote working; 



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