Dossier: «People and organizations facing the "new?" ways of working» coordinated by Eva Rimbau GilabertISSUE 19 (NOVEMBER 2022)

Consumption, work, and platform economy: a critical view


Over the last decade, the business world has experienced abrupt changes due to the irruption of the platform economy. E-commerce giants and application-based business models have become key spaces in the economy, facilitating consumption in terms of convenience, immediacy, and availability. However, these new ways of organizing services, while easing the consumer experience, have controversial effects on the organization of work. This article provides a critical reflection on the newly emerging jobs in the platform economy sector. It will highlight the importance of the imaginary of consumption as a key enabler of these changes in employment.

consumption;  employment;  platform economy;  precariousness;  employment changes;  digitization; 
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