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Why 'Oikonomics'? Radiograph of ten years of transformation
Xavier Baraza Sánchez, Joan Miquel Gomis
Tourism facing the challenge of transformation
Pablo Díaz, Lluís Alfons Garay Tamajón, Joan Miquel Gomis, Francesc González Reverté, Soledad Morales Pérez, Julie Wilson

On the twenty-fifth anniversary of the opening of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and its Economics and Business Studies, a group of professors from the tourism field of the institution reflect upon the current situation of the sector at a key moment. On the one hand, they bring their ideas on what has been the evolution of tourism over the last twenty-five years and the elements and key factors that have conditioned this evolution to date. On the other hand, based on the crisis generated by the effects of the pandemic, they deliberate on identifying possible future scenarios and the key factors that may condition them.

Editorial: 25 years of Economics and Business Studies at the UOC: key reflections on the future, beyond university
María Jesús Martínez Argüelles, Joan Miquel Gomis
Social and solidarity economy: experiences and challenges
August Corrons, Joan Miquel Gomis
Elisenda Paluzie: «We can't go on teaching economics as if nothing had happened over the last 20 years»
Carolina Hintzmann, Joan Miquel Gomis

In this interview Elisenda Paluzie analyses the origins of the so-called Post Crash movement in Catalonia and the effects on a renowned institution such as the one she heads: the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Barcelona (UB). Paluzie believes this critical movement, which began following the recent economic crisis, is principally rooted in a lack of plurality in teaching, which can be based on three elements: theory, methodology and interdisciplinarity. She comments on how these three factors are treated in her faculty and ends on the need for the teaching of economics to evolve. In this regard she highlights ‘The core Project’, an initiative with a goal to reset the approach to economics teaching with new coursebooks, in the belief that the materials currently holding sway continue to approach matters as if during the last 20 years nothing had occurred.

A necessary reflection
Carolina Hintzmann, Joan Miquel Gomis
Realities and challenges of the European Union
Albert Puig Gómez, Joan Miquel Gomis
"We need to think of business relations in terms of human relations"
Oriol Miralbell Izard, Joan Miquel Gomis

In this interview, Enrique Dans, a Professor in Information Systems at IE Business School, looks into the main changes ICT is bringing to people, organisations, and the society. This renowned expert argues that, with the breakthrough of social media, organisations need above all to think about how to develop processes to absorb information. This will allow them to identify conversations of their customers, prescribers and competitors. Prof. Dans explains that the development of personal protocols in accepting technological change always lags behind technology. In his opinion, regulations need to adapt to change by setting the new situation as a standard; moreover, help should be provided to those suffering under disruption.

Why Oikonomics?
Àngels Fitó Bertran, Joan Miquel Gomis
"Organizations that opt to focus on e-learning, whether or not they are universities, should do so in a strategic way" ¿ Albert Sangrà
Joan Miquel Gomis

UOC lecturer Albert Sangrà is considered a leading international expert on the use of information and communication technologies in education and training. In this interview, he reflects on key aspects of e-learning, including its conceptual foundation, modalities and influence on traditional campus-based universities. Dr Sangrà also addresses topical issues in this area, such as the development of massive open online courses (MOOC), development and assessment of competences in virtual environments, application of e-learning in companies, and collaboration between business and universities. The main conclusion drawn in the interview is that institutions that opt to focus on e-learning, whether or not they are universities, should do so in a strategic way. They also need to understand that e-learning is not just a matter of content development: it requires a specific teaching methodology and long-term planning. Also, despite the distance that has grown between companies and universities recently, he thinks they have no choice but to work together in this area.

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